Response to ‘Bar Man’ article in Lynn News

This letter to the editors was written by the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, Leila Roaldsøy, and was published 6 January 2017 on the Lynn News website.

Jeff Hoyle happily concludes his Bar Man article on December 16 with the words “Better to encourage people to succeed than condemn those that don’t.” A commendable sentiment.

He mentions Christian Science in his list of the medical deceptions, but he and your readers may like to know that I have experience of using Christian Science as an effective healing method.

For two generations my family has indeed “succeeded” in using this prayer-based healing method to treat various ailments. For example, I swiftly recovered from strep throat and influenza.

Also, children were healed instantly from childhood diseases such as measles, chickenpox and mumps without recourse to usual prescribed treatment.

This faith has been a rock among several of my family members and I have no reason to doubt that that it will continue so.

Leila Roaldsøy
Christian Science Committee on Publication
Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

Categories: Correctives