“Joy of sects” Letter to the Editor

This unpublished letter to the editor is a response to an inaccurate statement about Christian Science in “The joy of sects” article that appeared in The Economist.


Your article “The joy of sects” (Feb 2nd, 2017), inaccurately states Christian Scientists “do not believe in conventional medicine”, perhaps suggesting to some readers that we are opposed to it. The fact is we have great respect for nurses and doctors who work so hard to alleviate suffering. Instead it would be more accurate to say that we practice a spiritual approach to healing, sometimes in cases where doctors have acknowledged there is nothing further they can achieve.

This spiritual approach to healing relies whole-­heartedly on the same divine power that Jesus used in his many healings as told in the New Testament. Christian Scientists take this power to be an all­-loving God who actively cares for humanity.

I have experienced many healings using this Bible-­based method, including a recent incident where a severe pain caused by a fall was quickly and completely dealt with through prayer. I have often been asked why I choose this method of health care. My answer has always been the same: “It works.”

Robin Harragin Hussey
Christian Science Committee on Publication, London
District Manager for United Kingdom and Ireland

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