Committee on Publication for London and District Manager for ​

(Co. Durham/Northumberland/Tyne&Wear / Tees Valley)​

(East Riding/North Yorkshire/ South Yorkshire/ West Yorkshire)​

(Derbyshire/Leicestershire/Lincolnshire/Northamptonshire/ Rutland ​






United Kingdom Robin Harragin Hussey 020 8150 0245
Committee on Publication for London and District Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland
Scotland Contact London Office
Northern Ireland Cheryl Richardson 07900 575116
Wales Contact London Office
Isle of Man Trevor Leach 01624 832891
North West Jason Salisbury 01244 675114
(Cheshire/Cumbria/Greater Manchester/Lancashire/Merseyside)
North East  Jackie Collins 07870 533040
(Co. Durham/Northumberland/Tyne&Wear / Tees Valley)
Yorkshire Peter Daniel 01262 424769
(East Riding/North Yorkshire/ South Yorkshire/ West Yorkshire)
East Midlands  Tim Twinn 07790 657151
West Midlands  Gillian Hattley 0121 449 0850
East of England Alan Paterson 01366 328108
South East (North) Jenny Pearson 07521 665473
South East (South) Jaska Alanko 01372 465738
(Kent/Hampshire/Surrey/Sussex East/Sussex West)
South West Kenneth Cooper 07876 305461

#PrayForManchester (video)

It is with great love and compassion that we at the Christian Science Committee on Publication office reach out to the people of Manchester at this time of profound tragedy in your city.

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Response to review of “History of Wolves”

This is a response to a Sunday Telegraph book review of Emily Fridlund’s debut novel “History of Wolves,” which includes a couple characters described as Christian Scientists. Sir, Sam Kitchener’s review of Emily Fridlund’s History of Wolves briefly alludes to Christian Scientists who “dismiss pain as ‘false belief in Mortal Mind’”. While this may be […]

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“Joy of sects” Letter to the Editor

This unpublished letter to the editor is a response to an inaccurate statement about Christian Science in “The joy of sects” article that appeared in The Economist. Sir, Your article “The joy of sects” (Feb 2nd, 2017), inaccurately states Christian Scientists “do not believe in conventional medicine”, perhaps suggesting to some readers that we are […]

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