Letter to a town’s popular website

A branch church sent this letter to the administrator of a local website about advertising on their site.


Dear ……,

Thank you for your email letting me know of your decision regarding our advertising with  www……..co.uk.  While I appreciate that we cannot appeal, we are perplexed/surprised because we have advertised with you in the past with no apparent problem.  

We are aware that Christian Science is often misrepresented or mistakenly identified with groups of a different character. You may like to know that our worship is Christian, based on the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our healing practices may not be considered mainstream as they are based on prayer to a loving God. Many have been blessed by this practice and have experienced complete healings. However, no one in the church is forced to follow this practice, everyone is free and supported in whatever healthcare choice they make.

Many members of the …….. community have found hope and healing from attending our weekly services and/or visiting our Reading Room. The Christian Science church has been part of the ….. community for over 70 years and during that time we have continuously provided public Church services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We also put on an annual free talk, open to the public which is usually well attended.

I hope this email has served to help remove some misapprehensions you may have about our church and its practices. For more information here is the link to the main Church’s website – christianscience.com.

With kind regards

The Clerk, First Church of Christ, Scientist…..

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