About Us

Our work is to ensure that accurate information about Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, and Christian Scientists, is published by the print and broadcast media, on social media, as well as in academic journals, religious publications, books, etc.

The Committee serves as a media and information resource and legislative division of the Christian Science Church.  For publishing please refer to the Christian Science Publishing Society HERE.

The Committee works with legislative bodies to protect the rights of individuals to rely on a non-medical, prayer-based approach to health and healing centred on the Bible and the life and teachings of Christ Jesus, as explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and her other writings.

The Committee responds to legislative and regulatory developments accordingly.

The first Committee on Publication for the Christian Science Church was established in 1898 in Boston, USA, to deal with malicious attacks and misrepresentations on the Church, its founder, members and beliefs.

The first Committee on Publication for London, Frederick Dixon, was appointed in 1907. Two years later he took on the additional responsibility of District Manager for ‘Great Britain and Ireland’, a post he held until until mid-1914, when Scotsman Charles Tennant took over.

The current District Manager is Robin Harragin Hussey, who took office in October, 2016.

A letter about church

This piece appeared on the Christian Science Committee on Publication’s Facebook page on 30 July 2018.   Media reporting on religion in the United States often focuses on the challenges many denominations are having as their membership numbers have trended smaller. The following letter to the editor, sent to the Chicago Sun-Times, addresses this widespread […]

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For Christian Scientists, a time to go higher and deeper

The piece below, published on 4th September 2018, is taken from the Christian Science Committee on Publication (Boston) Facebook page Christian Science Reading Rooms are unique in today’s world. They’re places where people come for quiet spiritual study and often just to pray. Where many have been healed through the deep inner communion with God […]

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Letter to a town’s popular website

A branch church sent this letter to the administrator of a local website about advertising on their site.   Dear ……, Thank you for your email letting me know of your decision regarding our advertising with  www……..co.uk.  While I appreciate that we cannot appeal, we are perplexed/surprised because we have advertised with you in the […]

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Christian Comment with Laura Huxford from Stroud

Christian Comment with Laura Huxford, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Stroud I’VE recently been pondering the word ‘spirituality’ — a word in common usage nowadays, often indicating an enhanced sense of well-being. Dictionary definitions contrast ‘spirituality’ with ‘materiality’ and most refer to God, though some definitions indicate that ‘spirituality’ may not necessarily have any connection […]

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Jerusalem – city of hope

This article originally appeared in The Christian Science Monitor for 30th March 2018. “When you see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like grass” (Isaiah 66:14). These words, translated here in the New King James Version of the Bible, were hastily carved by a 4th-century pilgrim as graffiti on the crumbling […]

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Christian Scientists and respect for the rights of others

The following was posted on the Committee on Publication page on Christian Science.com in response to the imposition that Christian Scientists would impose their beliefs on others. Like people of many faiths, Christian Scientists take the Golden Rule as basic ethics. It guides our relations with society, and while we can’t claim to have been […]

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Love that lifts us up: A Christian Science perspective on Grenfell Tower

This article was originally published as the June 21 Christian Science Monitor “Christian Science perspective” feature. JUNE 21, 2017 —My church is in the London borough where a tower block housing many of the community’s poorest people went up in flames recently. It happened so quickly that dozens lost their lives. When I heard the breaking […]

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Unity in the face of terror

This article was originally published in the 9 July 2017 Christian Science Monitor Daily, Christian Science Perspective feature “Unity in the face of terror“. In a Spanish castle that was historically a point of contention between Christians and Muslims, contributor Robin Harragin Hussey found this quote attributed to the Quran: “Two religions, one God.” This […]

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Christian Comment with Laura Huxford of Stroud

Christian Comment with Laura Huxford of the Christian Science Church and Reading Room, Stroud AS I write, just two days after the Manchester Arena atrocity, families and friends are still waiting to know whether their loved ones are among those killed. Others are fighting for their lives in intensive care. Along with so many, I […]

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