Privacy Policy

Privacy statement (currently under review)

We maintain a list of individuals who are interested to hear about the activities of the Christian Science Committee on Publication. Correspondence with the District Manager’s office (and that of the Committee on Publication for Greater London) may be stored electronically, or if received on paper, in an appropriate file.

All the personal data we hold is either by consent (to be contacted, District Manager’s Report), in our legitimate interest (Committee appointments; Parliamentary monitoring; Christian Science nursing in the UK; government relations; and in furtherance of our stated charitable objects to ‘correct impositions on the public’ as set out in Article XXXIII of The Manual of The Mother Church), or where required by law.  All data is securely held and is available to staff in the District Manager’s office and within the office of the Manager, Committees on Publication, and with other departments of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, as appropriate.  Your data will also be stored, maintained and shared where legally required.

Personal data may be held for specific periods of time until the purpose of gathering that data has ceased. Where we make electronic payments to individuals, our bank may store a recipient’s bank details to facilitate future payments. Where personal data is held by consent, you have a right to withdraw your consent, and your personal data will be deleted, except in certain limited situations where legally required to retain the data by law.  Anyone who has asked to receive news of of our activities may request to be removed from the list of subscribers at any time.

Name and address of organisation
Christian Science Committee on Publication
90 Long Acre

Data Controller
Robin Harragin Hussey
District Manager, Committtees on Publication, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Committee on Publication for Greater London


9th April 2018