The Committee on Publication office works for the Christian Science Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is led by the District Manager who is also Committee on Publication for London.

It provides information on the Church, its founder and members, for the media, parliament and the public.

The District Manager works with the Manager of Christian Science Committees on Publication in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and with local Committees covering all areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Christian Science church was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 ‘to commemorate the word and works of our Master (Christ Jesus), which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing’. (Church Manual 17)

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Recent posts

Christian Scientists and respect for the rights of others

The following was posted on the Committee on Publication page on Christian in response to the imposition that Christian Scientists would impose their beliefs on others. Like people of many faiths, Christian Scientists take the Golden Rule as basic ethics. It guides our relations with society, and while we can’t claim to have been […]

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Love that lifts us up: A Christian Science perspective on Grenfell Tower

This article was originally published as the June 21 Christian Science Monitor “Christian Science perspective” feature. JUNE 21, 2017 —My church is in the London borough where a tower block housing many of the community’s poorest people went up in flames recently. It happened so quickly that dozens lost their lives. When I heard the breaking […]

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Unity in the face of terror

This article was originally published in the 9 July 2017 Christian Science Monitor Daily, Christian Science Perspective feature “Unity in the face of terror“. In a Spanish castle that was historically a point of contention between Christians and Muslims, contributor Robin Harragin Hussey found this quote attributed to the Quran: “Two religions, one God.” This […]

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Christian Comment with Laura Huxford of Stroud

Christian Comment with Laura Huxford of the Christian Science Church and Reading Room, Stroud AS I write, just two days after the Manchester Arena atrocity, families and friends are still waiting to know whether their loved ones are among those killed. Others are fighting for their lives in intensive care. Along with so many, I […]

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#PrayForManchester (video)

It is with great love and compassion that we at the Christian Science Committee on Publication office reach out to the people of Manchester at this time of profound tragedy in your city.

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Response to review of “History of Wolves”

*(11/9/17) For a more recent response to this book, check out Martha Moffett’s letter to the Post and Courier Charleston, South Carolina, of May 19.  This book is now on the shortlist of the Man Booker Prize (14/9/17). Below is our original response to a Sunday Telegraph book review of Emily Fridlund’s debut novel “History of […]

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“Joy of sects” Letter to the Editor

This unpublished letter to the editor is a response to an inaccurate statement about Christian Science in “The joy of sects” article that appeared in The Economist. Sir, Your article “The joy of sects” (Feb 2nd, 2017), inaccurately states Christian Scientists “do not believe in conventional medicine”, perhaps suggesting to some readers that we are […]

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Mark Twain letter up for auction

Fine Books Magazine (USA) published as news release from a London, UK, auction house which included mention of a Mark Twain letter which was a highlight of an upcoming auction.  It quoted a derogatory statement that he made in the letter about Mary Baker Eddy.  The following response was unpublished, but elucidates the admiration that […]

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